Do you have what it takes to run your own estate agency?
Would you like to manage your own time, finances and develop your own business?
Why choose us?
In a period of three years, CAPITAL has become one of the largest and best selling real estate companies in the Baltic States.
Modern brand
Innovative, high quality and reliable - this is how the CAPITAL brand is perceived by our customers and estate agents
Promotional tools of modern design
CAPITAL offer their estate agents a variety of exclusive design advertising tools to create a professional image and to make it easier to reach the customer.
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Innovative system
Capital activities are based on a unique Capital CRM customer management system, which allows achieving the best results in the shortest possible time while working with both buyers and sellers.
Motivational system of passive income
"Money Tree" is a unique motivational system that allows contributing estate agents to develop a passive income.
Ample opportunities for career development
CAPITAL offers unlimited career opportunities - from assistant and estate agent to team manager, or even your own office in the United Kingdom or abroad. Here, you can fulfil your potential.
We invite you to join our team
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The three-stage training program designed
for both beginners and professionals
Introductory training, which is compulsory for each CAPITAL estate agent to begin the work. START UP is the first step to become a professional estate agent.
Case studies, success secrets from the TOP estate agents, resolution methods for problem situations - things that are useful even for an experienced estate agent.
This is a course of external seminars for continuous estate agent improvement. Incorporating the best lecturers and experts of other spheres - (surveyors, bankers, lawyers, etc.), to help improve the competence of the CAPITAL brokers with consideration of estate agent needs and market trends.
All this as well as the best coaching experts from the United States:
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CAPITAL is the best place for a real estate agent
CAPITAL offers an exclusive estate agents' CLUB system that not only helps to motivate, but also allows you to earn 100% of the commissions.
Over 25 modern offices, which render all the necessary services to estate agents, are operating in four countries in Europe.
Our estate agents give +58 points to CAPITAL in the Net Promoter Score (NPS) questionnaire. The rating of the estate agents who achieved the best results is even higher (+78). World giants such as Apple,, BMW, Tesla Motors show such high ratings.
CAPITAL offers an exclusive estate agents' CLUB system that not only helps to motivate, but also allows you to earn 100% of the commissions.
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Estate agents on CAPITAL
Estate agents on CAPITAL
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Team spirit
One by one we are strong, together we are invincible!
We always appreciate
our estate agents' achievements
The best estate agents of the month are rewarded.
Various competitions to increase motivation with exciting prizes are regularly announced
During the annual event, we congratulate the estate agents who have attained the best results
The best CAPITAL estate agents of 2017 are invited to participate in a sailing regatta!
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Join the best
Come along and achieve your ambitions by joining our team. CAPITAL has a unique system that will quickly show you what you can achieve.
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2. Do you prefer to work:

3. For you, what is the easiest way to communicate

4. What qualities should a good sales person have?

5. How do you plan your time?

6. If you fail in achieving your goals:

7. How would you counter customer's objections?

8. How would you describe yourself?

9. If you found out that the customer had chosen another estate agent, what would you do?

10. Do you intend to invest in yourself

11. Do you have a hobby?

12. What is a Real Estate Agent’s secret of success?

13. Do you have experience in sales

14. Do you own a car?

15. What level is your education?

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You can become the TOP estate agent of CAPITAL
You are articulate, confident and determined. You are not frightened by phone calls and working with people, and flexible working hours is what you need.
Courage and talent to get people interested the first minute already - it is your drive
We will contact you soon, but if you want to get started right away - we are waiting for your call or email
You do not have enough knowledge right now, but we have an excellent training program, which will help to eliminate these gaps.
Send us your CV and we will contact you regarding further career opportunities
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We believe that currently you could better realize your potential in another sphere. We recommend improving your knowledge in the sales, gain more experience and get in touch with us in the future.
Send us your CV and we will contact you regarding further career opportunities
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